Glass is seen as fragile, clean and transparent. By printing the type of art we are inspired by - we, in effect - are vandalising it! Turning it into something spectacular, vibrant, toughened and opaque.

Other companies use standard canvas, poster or metal materials to print images on. We Are Different!
Glass will produce a different finishing effect whilst still allowing for the vibrancy of the colour to be seen.

We love being creative and are also inspired by creativity. Our recent company allowed us to explore being creative and making neon signs for households and businesses.
Glass Vandal allows us to take an artists creativity and expose them to the world.

We select art that inspires us. From contemporary elegance to damn right whacky!

The art pieces can create powerful emotion which is all down to personal interpretation.
Social media is a powerful tool in order to get yourself out there. However to actually get an artists print on a wall of a home, studio, shop, bar, club would be amazing traction for more growth and recognition.

We Can Do That! We Want To Do That.
We are becoming part of the Art Revolution!
We support artists big and upcoming, Not only by allowing their work to be showcased round the UK and further but also to be able to benefit from this financially too - of course!

We Are Glass Vandal!

We Are A Small Welsh Team With Big Ideas. We Are Creative. We Are Bold. We Are Bright.


Show Stopping Art

Your new Glass Vandal wall art is here to make a statement. It will enhance your space with vibrant colours, unique design and a high quality, unique finish.

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